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Marketing their products and services is a big challenge for most business owners and it is common to see many entrepreneurs struggle at it as they face stiff challenge from bigger business firms that have millions of marketing dollars to spend. A serious entrepreneur acknowledges the business fact that fighting the competition head-on will lead to limited success. Therefore, a serious entrepreneur is always on the lookout for unconventional means of promoting his or her business. Attraction marketing is one such unconventional method of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. However, not many people are fully aware of the concept of attraction marketing and its advantages.

Attraction marketing is a method of promoting a product, service or business that shifts the focus from making sales to sharing valuable as well as helpful information with your customer. It focuses on building long-term relationships with the customer rather than achieving short-term success. Attraction marketing may take more effort and time to acquire a customer but it helps build a significant loyal customer base, which is likely to stay with you for years to come. This is why every serious entrepreneur is interested in the concept of attraction marketing.

Another key advantage of adopting attraction marketing over direct marketing is that it does not requires you to unnecessarily hassle and spend time, effort and money on customers who are just not interested in your product. Instead, attraction marketing targets all its efforts on customers who show some interest and focus on building a long-term relationship with them by continuously doing something of value for them. This makes the marketing process more enjoyable as well as productive both for the buyer and the seller, as can be vouched by any serious entrepreneur who uses attraction marketing methods. In attraction marketing, there is absolutely no pressure to sell and no pressure to buy. Instead, the focus is on helping, guiding and sharing.

There are many marketers and entrepreneurs who scoff at attraction marketing and still follow old marketing methods of generating leads and sales by making cold-calls and hard selling their business. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish sales by using such methods because customers prefer to go with the marketers who are keen on building relationships and sharing precious information rather than pressurizing them into buying. Even if customers buy after giving into the pressure of direct marketing methods, they are most likely to shift to any business that makes them feel special and acts like a friend. A serious entrepreneur understands that by helping a potential customer, he or she is building a client and a friend who will refer other clients for many years.

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