Are you ready for the big momment?

This Saturday is the SAT. It’s one of the major criteria for college admissions. There is a lot of pressure to ‘do well’ on a test like the SAT. Test prep is big business… billion dollar business… people pay to learn how to master the SAT and how to trick the test.
But all the infomation in the world won’t help you if you are not also mentally ready for the big day. You have to plan mentally as well. Do you have your test taking strategy? Do you have you pacing? and more..
the moral is this… there are many things that have to come together in an SAT like exam… the basic knowledge, the pacing, the attitude, the skill set and, maybe most imporantly, the execution.
This is also true in business… you are getting ready for a presentation… are you ready to execute? Have you done what you needed to to prepare?
All this and more.. coming in the Powerhosuer’s Blog!!


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