The Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus winding slowly through the streets seeming to being going around in circles… it IS going around in circles since all the streets are one way.  Light. Traffic. Action.  Sitting in the bus, it all basically looks the same on the outside… streets, car and people going about their lives lots of people walking around and going whereever and also going in circles because at some point they are going to end up back where they started too… right?  and then. we drive past.. public art… who would have expected it.  right there in the middle of the same old same old is public art.  in the middle of flashy is something which appears to have actual substance… it is… the bean.  the fountains and the bean.  not tacky, but interesting and relevant. yes, should art be relevant?  should writing be relevant?  people walking across the water to the other side… to the faces on the walls change as the watch them walk across to the other side… and the people passing by, some watching and some participating in some micro and macrocosm of what is going on every where… to or not to participate or just to observe life… and there is the diversity, but all have commonalities.  and all at once and allin the same plance, but… having arrived from very different places.  so all sorts of unlike comes together to make one big giant like of a symbiotic and cooperative entity joined only by a common interest in trying to be the same… if only for just one fleeting moment… and something that they won’t be able to define anyway… but they don’t have to.


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